The Urban Painted Desert

Coolly traversing Phoenix in kaleidoscopic winter...


  1. Southwest Psychedelia perfected here; this is impossibly colorful but yet somehow not TOO colorful. I suspect that insistent bright colors may have slightly less inspiration in the desert sun than they seem to have here.

    Anyway, this nails it, my friend. You are to streets and utility poles what I hope someday to be to toadstools and ferns. The funniest part of that is that I'm not kidding at all.

    Great picture, JR!

    1. For the past two days when I've been outside walking or doing something for an extended period of time after all these decades I'm still reminded how relentless the sun can be even as December begins. It does lend itself to reflecting a lot of colors that and anyone the least bit astute gets what "mirage" really is since reflections off of everything create all kinds of colors and shapes that are ephemeral.

      ...and yes I know you're not kidding and appreciate it. Thanks Mike for stopping by and leaving such a great comment!