Insurgent Chiaroscuro

Ignoring signals while crossing my tracks...


  1. This is awesome. I know I overuse that word (almost everybody does) but this is truly awesome.

    If you ever decide to offer these as prints, please let me know where I can get one. Failing that (and failing that is totally OK; I totally get that these things are about anything but the money, really) please consider making one print (whatever size) and signing it, because I'd gladly trade a signed one of any of mine for it. Any two of mine, even.

    Name your price, sir. Or call me crazy. Either way, this is an awesome picture. Please excuse my possible crassness. Blame the old baseball-card trader in me, if you have to. :)

    Either way: this is a great thing, JR. Thank you for posting it.

    1. You've paid quite a compliment to me Mike and reinforced what I'm considering how to do and that is turn my work into prints and on canvas reproduction and sell them. Previously I didn't have the confidence for that but family and friends offline and now online have been encouraging me to consider it as a business more than I have rather than a sideline hobby business. An economic crisis has caused me to reconsider ever seriously working for an employer( although I have one now I no longer consider working for them seriously except to do a good job for my own sake) since corporations don't seem to consider those who work seriously. This seems to be a good time to beak away both in the macro world and at my stage of life and finally do my own sideline business full time and produce my artwork and float it out there for people to purchase. I'm considering a lot of things, prints, posters, reproduction on canvas, having a small studio shop to not only sell but give classes on how to use mobile phone camera apps and offer my work from my website blog. I figure if I could make a decent sideline out of my writing from 2000-2005 to earn enough money with writing to get by on along enough to get by I can do the same with artwork now. My 2013 is going to be all about my getting there.

      You will be one of the first to get your choice of what I have to offer "absolutely free!" for being supportive the last five years (and it's mutual) of my video blogs, blog writing and artwork. I would like some of your work in kind also though since it is certainly worthy of hanging on my wall and I would be honored to have it.

      Thanks for your words of appreciation and encouragement Mike, I value it more than you may realize.