Me Future Forward

Taking a snapshot of the past for remembrance...


  1. The past is a very cool part of this...but the future looks like an intersection in Phoenix under the influence of the Stars and Stripes. Yeah, I don't see the stars and I only count 11 of the stripes, but the feeling is there. And the traffic lights are, well, white-ish, but red is implied.

    I'm sure wishful thinking is making me read too much into this, but I'll take my patriotic symbolism wherever I find it these days (or any days) and it sure does seem to abound here.

    Awesome self-portrait, sir. Forward thinking in the great sense of the word.

    1. Sometimes I start processing these photos and as I layer things start to shape up I didn't expect. So the sun rays representing the future also became representative of the Stars and Stripes as well as the Arizona flag and that "America" as we understand it is not dead yet. The twisted recent past of it is gone but that's not a bad thing but the future still lies in good old American traits. ...and I'll take my patriotism wherever I can get it also these days Mike, thanks for commenting!