Wasting Away

Our habitat down the road to ecological humanity...


  1. The first thing I thought of when I saw this was those old, odd little plastic squares with the sliding white letters in them...some sort of kids's games; I don't even remember the objects of the things (other than that someone probably tossed them my way in an effort to keep me quiet, which I am reasonably sure was a failure) or even what the things were called-if they were called anything-but the side of the truck made me think that immediately.

    Then I noticed the light and the power line which seem to be towing the truck along; the angles are just too perfect to have been planned, unless you are one hell of a lot better at planning these things than anyone I know. I'm marking that down as a happy accident, which is the highest compliment I can give. They don't show up for everybody; you have to be good to deserve them. At least that's what I tell myself when they show up...anyway, the lines are great.

    That said (and it's something I couldn't have said ten minutes ago): there's something about that bold, small "GOLD" sign that gets me. And don't get me going on the sky.

    Truly great picture, JR.

    1. Actually the whole picture was a happy accident, I got two takes. I was at the gas pumps getting ready and had just gotten in my Jeep to pull out and this truck pulled up. Seemed perfect for a phone app (Vignette) filter called Balckboard I like to use on this kind of stuff. As the driver hopped out and went into the store I hopped back out of my Jeep and took two shots real fast and was pleasantly surprised at how they came out. This photo has a lot of small details going on and I'm glad you picked up on them Mike. Thanks for commenting!