Winter Amaryllis

Reach for the sky...


  1. This is beautiful...and reminiscent of something I can't remember but which I'm sure my mom would be able to point out in a second. I want to say Paul Gauguin (however that is spelled) but I'm sure I'm just guessing. Luckily, it doesn't matter, because this is very cool.

  2. ...I'm not big on captchas but the last one was "7 mikeywo"...got to love this world of ours, if only for the pointless distraction captcha codes offer up. :)

    1. Maybe you should make 7mikeywo your next user name? ...although I admit I've always been enamored of 7anby even though I'm not sure why, kind of hits me as a radio call sign, old phone number or something.

      In any case, I'm very pleased with this piece and I'm glad you appreciate it Mike since I'm rather proud of it. This actually is a flower pot one of my nephews placed on my sister's cemetery wall and I was standing there with my camera phone in hand, deep in thought and looked up and saw the photo and snapped it right away. When I processed it naturally developed into this and not only am I very happy with it I see the beauty that came out of it as very symbolic.