Furnishing remnants haphazardly cast astray...


  1. This is awesome...again, I've checked it out a bunch of times over the last few days and I am glad I withheld commenting upon it until now because what hit me at first to say--with some validity, I think--was something ironic/sarcastic like, "I'm sure every child in Phoenix dreams of a snow sled under the Christmas tree." Given the benefit of time, I'm more focused upon the miniature screen door...which seems like an unlikely thing to be seeing, yet somehow makes more sense than anything else I see here.

    I often have dreams where people and other things look different than they appear when I'm awake, yet I somehow know exactly who and what they are; sure, my grandparents's house might be purple and have no rooms in it, but I somehow know it's their house. This pic is like the flip side of that coin: many things here which seem like I should recognize them, yet I'm uncertain. I think I see the sled, and the screen door, and even a backward letter S, but who can be sure? From where I sit, not even the sign can be trusted...which is being kind; I trust the sign least of all. :)

    GREAT pic, JR!

    1. Thanks Mike for commenting and "getting it" with this photo. I've held onto it for about six months kind of not wanting to let it go and keep it to myself since I've been admiring it if you will to pinpoint as you say "things here which seem like I should recognize them, yet I'm uncertain." How cool!

      Appreciate your taking the time to comment sir!