Life Has Curves

Bend with them, don't try to straighten them out...

Think how boring it would be if everything were in straight lines, tracked out and fitted neatly into a box. How dull life would be if everything followed a pattern, was as simple as putting everything in a cut and dried order and structures built, food grown in tasteless batches, clothes were in three colors and styles. Routes taken and paths followed by a predetermined cartography system and deviation wasn't even possible. What if art was all paint-by number? Music a series of ordered notes? Actors recited recurrent scripts? The curve, in nonlinear fashion goes outside the norm, deviating from the groove, twists and shapes objects, souls and intellects into something else to spark new and different thoughts on how to do things. Chiefly it is a passage to innovation, creative expression and ideas that stimulate life and gratifies the spirit and the mind.


  1. Sounds like you are in some sort of "passage". They always lead to interesting, unexpexted places! Pick one you like!

  2. I'm always in a passage susie q but some are more significant than others. You're right though, I am in some kind of transitional passage right now. Thanks for commenting!