Staying Upright

Wires from pole to pole moving signals forward...

Recovery takes time. Only you know your body, mind and soul and have free will to be in charge of it.

These past nine months for me have been a medical confrontation of rather mundane problems that by themselves would be readily recovered from. When they occurred simultaneously in me the interior body collision detonated a multitude of primary, secondary and tertiary responses of unexpected varieties. A sudden turn of events with the body can affect the mind if you are not careful. One sure empathizes with what a person who regularly lives with medical issues goes through daily. Gratefully my problems are resolvable but recovery takes time and a toll on both body and mind and is ongoing.

Nowadays I'm putting one foot in front of the other literally and figuratively to keep on moving. It's a matter of daily regaining physical strength and reconnecting the synapses again. A doctor can help restore my body but only I can do the physical and mental work. It is something you have to want and a component is recognizing that combating the feeling of not wanting to do what is required is its own separate work. On occasion it requires operating in a functional utilitarian fashion to keep on walking for the later reward of operating smoothly again. If you stop doing the work the risk is too high you will not start back moving again.

It is best to take your own time for recovery because it is your body, mind and soul. Likewise know yourself enough to take charge of what is best for your health and well being to keep moving.

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