Legacy Of Santayana

Oft repeated aphorism a reality not a cliche...

Bookshelf lined with leafs of tomes
recounting history, an interpretation.
Geography of the past.

Guideposts of what occurred
foretelling future, prediction of destiny.
Roadmaps for the present.

When read with eyes wide open and aware,
mindful there are no new stories, simply
directional variations on ancient themes.
Blueprints for the here and now.


  1. I love the poem and the pic and the subject matter...mostly it freaks me out because it reminds me so much of our camp bookshelf, which (like yours seems to be) is organized in some way much more meaningful than the Dewey Decimal System allowed for.

    "Blueprints for the here and now" is perfect; I seem to be in possession of a few books which add details in between readings. I know this makes no sense logically, but it sure seems to just toss logic aside and happen anyway.

    Great post, JR! It's thought provoking to the extreme and may require a response if I can figure out anything to say. :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by Mike on this post and the last one. I organize books loosely on topic and when I got them, these are from an earlier era. I have books on a similar topic that are more recent. I have a friend who has a room where all four walls are bookshelves and they start in the order he read the books! Luckily they're not all filled yet since I think he has awhile to live yet. Although I read some things on a Kindle app on my phone I still like a book and unlike vinyl records I think they'll be readily available for a long time still. I hope you do make a response to this post.

    On haboobs we've had quite a few of them (dust storms in local parlance until TV weathermen tried to convert us and failed) this summer and fortunately they've been followed by good rainstorms within a week to wash everything off. Unlike last year when they rolled through and left a coating of dust everywhere for the rest of an exceptionally hot (114 F average) summer. That picture was taken from my roof into the "eye" of one hence the brown dust bowl in the dip of it.

    Thanks again for stopping by, reading and absorbing and commenting! I always enjoy reading what you have to say. ;~}