The Sun Rises

Bringing a new day to paint our own way...

Life is more art than science although knowing facts in life are part of the science of living. These facts are realities that help us understand how to interpret what is happening around us. If we have spent time building firm foundations to structure strong qualities in our character we are able to create a world we call our own rather than the world owning us. This gives us control over our sense of self so when a tough day comes along we have the sensibility to call things as they are to move beyond them and look forward. Rather than dwell on where we are now we make an assessment of what we would like to happen next. The choice is to recognize what is destructive and turn it into something finer and superior with an act of behavior. For many of us that action is bringing into existence a change in our outlook through some form of artistry of our choosing.

We allow ourselves the freedom to create art that expresses what we have thought and felt, what we are thinking and feeling and further what we would like to think and feel. The parallel to life with art and science is we learn some techniques that are factual and scientific, for example the technicalities of photography and post processing, using those as a basis for our art. If we construct art that articulates our interpretation of life we have an opportunity to compose artwork that speaks to both the tough moments of life and the great ones. For me it is writing and visual art that documents and expresses the stark moments of life alongside crafting works of elegance and symmetry to make things right in my world. It is an act of healing that is beautiful and meaningful not only to me but also to those who view and appreciate it.

With a nod to Mike the writer, artist, blogger Rock and Confusion

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  1. I can't imagine living an uncreative life; I obviously agree with you that its more art than science, but it feels to me like...I have no choice but to do something creative at least every once in a while.

    I don't know that this was a learned thing, though I had some pretty creative relatives along with some pretty non-creative ones and form a very early age it was obvious who the interesting, cool ones were. Not coincidentally, the interesting, cool, creative ones were generally optimistic or aiming that way and possessed an independent streak that has always appealed to me. I think it always bothered them that their loved ones didn't understand some of the things they did, but it never really stopped any of them from doing what they had to do. Whether that fortitude came to them by choice or not, it's a firmness of passion that I've always respected and emulated. Again, I have no idea if that's something I learned or even had a choice in; it doesn't matter either way. I'm just thankful that I can write or take a picture or stand in the woods and feel sad and have a song come out of that years later, or whatever...I guess mostly I'm just thankful.

    (And I mean thankful FOR, not thankful TO. There may not be a difference, but I think there is.)

    I have no idea how this comment relates to your post but I hope it fits in somewhere. Thank you for writing it; I've said it before but I say it again: your writing always makes me think. That's an admirable thing; TV can't do it, but you can. And the organized "media" think they have power? :D