Bridge Over Dry Wash

Fortified for overflowing downpour torrent...

Although simply supported
wooden bridge braced,
beams bolstered sturdy and
cantilevered with timber,
weathered but strong with age.

Spanning dry sandy wash
this day ready waiting,
traverse well assembled and
spanning each abutment,
acclimated to deluge of ages.


  1. I like your poem! ;)

    There is beauty in aging, weathered structures (man-made and natural)

    The driftwood that washes up along the beach near our house is so interesting, I always have to take a closer look at it. Seeing how the water and sun have hardened and carved the wood out, tumbled it smooth, yet, spikes in the wood remain.

  2. Thanks Maryann! The thing about aging structures is it also makes them not so symmetrical, slightly off balance and not perfect as well as being carved out and tumbled...yes, man-made and natural. I think it applies to people also!

    Interesting about the driftwood. When I was a kid in Bermuda I loved to collect driftwood and in the desert we have a similar thing. When a limb falls off a tree like a palo verde or mesquite and also a saguaro even, it weathers and develops a character the same way.