Stamen of Aloe Vera

Bursting fertilizing seeds into orbit...

Organ of reproduction, filament and anther.
An Aloe Vera stamen as thread of the warp,
Stands and releases its labyrinthine pollen grains
To the atmosphere for animal kingdom and weather,
In mode of distribution paradoxical and perplexing.
Serving as propagation of the salving medicinal succulent.


  1. This is absolutely amazing, JR. Just stunningly cool.

    If you ever decide to sell prints of your photos, please let your readers know where we might be able to buy them. I'm serious.

    Damn, man, you've definitely found your art form. This is truly great.

  2. Thanks Mike! You're right I think I've hit my stride and finally found my art form after all this time.

    I'm working out how to get these on canvas as well as prints and definitely figuring out out to sell them. This website blog is certainly going to be a place to inform people where to get them.

    Knowing you so long I really appreciate your comment. Thanks again.