Eclipsing The Arizona Sun

Reverberating off the oasis reflecting pool...

In the courtyard is a two level pond with a fountain
Flowing water down from an upper to lower pool
It ripples refreshing water reverberating in the sun.
Stand on the edge reflecting
Shielding my eyes from the solar beams
In the respite I eclipse the sun and cool.


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  2. Your work encourages me to embrace the "Spirit of the West", amazing with poetry...inspired me to add poetry to the pastel of the "Fire Jin Battle and Strength" http://santiagostudios.blogspot.com/2012/01/battle-of-fire-jin-and-strength.html.

    Thank you JR!!!

  3. Thanks Jacob, your comment means quite a bit to me, perhaps more than you realize. My idea for awhile now has been to combine my descriptive and personal writing with photographic art to make a true "photoblog" combining the visual with the written rather than exclusively one or the other. I have not been writing as much prose lately with my work and some things of yours made me decide to try short form poetry so it's mutual inspiration. I liked your piece and left a comment on your blog.