From Dusk To Dawn

Sunset, Full Moon Night, Sunrise...

Sleeping and Waking: The nocturnal habits of a productive night owl.

As a night person I'm somewhat forced into a life of days but luckily not completely. Due to my work arrangement I can adjust my hours to accommodate my productive hours between 17:00 in the evening through 02:00 the next morning. Fortunately my circadian rhythms allow me to sleep in two shifts, a good sleep of five to six hours that is all I usually need, with a two hour nap later. On the three-four mornings I may have to be up by 05:00 I generally try not to stay up later than midnight for common sense reasons.

This means I usually have the opportunity to see the beautiful sunsets we have in Arizona. Also I enjoy the moon and since it usually rains in the urban desert during the night the joy of it and rumbling thunder is mine. At dawn I indulge in the elegant sunrises we are privileged to experience in the Valley of the Sun. After hours are my hours although I do spend time during daylight to absorb the waking world and natural light.

These three photographs were taken within a 72 hour period this past week and are a sampling of what we experience on a regular basis in this urban landscape and include a night of a full moon. Living in a desert city has its rewards and is full of environmental splendor of weather, sky, unique vegetation and wildlife.

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