Selfy Sunday | 09-25-11

Purple In Silver City NM...

Google+ has turned out to be quite popular with photographers and other creative artists. Jeff Smith and Levi Moore collaborate on a project called "Selfy Sunday" open to photographers on Google+ for posting and sharing a self-portrait taken that day or the week before. This photograph is my contribution to Selfy Sunday - Sept. 25 | 2011.

This has turned out to be an enriching project and a great way to share with other photographers, amateur and professional, new or experienced your work and see the work of others. It is an exercise in how you portray yourself with your photography.

My contribution and the associated comments can be viewed by clicking on Purple in Silver City NM and clicking on +JR Snyder Jr will take you to my Google+ posts and profile. You may also want to visit my Picasa Web Photo Albums where I will also be migrating my photos currently on Flickr.

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