On Feeling Uninspired

A need to recharge my inner battery...

People in the Midwest and parts of the East Coast are experiencing the worst of a heat wave across the country. Many of them are feeling the lethargy that those of us who are prepared for uber hot desert summers, no matter how we battle it, get re-acquainted with every year. It's a reverse of winter cabin fever in cold climates. In the dead of summer we can feel a little dead inside.

It doesn't just strike thinkers and creative types but everyone at some point around the end of July. We've done all the cool tricks, we're over hopping from the cover of one palm tree to another, tired of seeking that one shady parking spot left. We're overheated and overdone and in my case I become bored and uninspired, which is my personal version of mini-tragedy. It's a step away from anxiety and depression I must actively avoid.

It doesn't help that this has been the summer that the rest of America has come to realize the economic slowdown is a long term matter accompanied by gridlock in DC. That also there has been drama at my part time employment and my sister has spent most of it in the hospital. When all the droopy dragging drudgery is finished being verbalized, the bottom line is there is a choice. Sleep the rest of the summer away or kick the brain by natural stimulation of some sort. I've been fiddling away minutes on the new Google+ as well as whittling away hours on the old YouTube and it has been a pleasant repast. Not to say that hasn't been helpful but now it is time to get more serious. I must force myself outdoors, the heat is only bad if you're unprepared for it, to walk the urban pavement and shoot some video. I have an idea for one and I need to execute it to get out of the doldrums.

Ultimately the only way to get rid of the dread of inner dead is to revive yourself on your own to come alive again after a respite. I'm finished resting in the shade, drunk on gallons of water, tired of being tired and the only way to counter it is to get active in a creative way. There comes a point when boredom and lack of inspiration becomes an unhealthy habit and the only good response is to seek a jump start to the soul.

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