Arizona Landscape

Peanut Cactus greeting Bishop's Cap flower...


  1. This is really nice. Things are alive and moving and we don't see/notice them. That cactus sure is friendly (or is it being kind to the small plant?)

    I enjoy your landscape photos! They are crisp, colorful, interesting and composed so gently :-)

  2. Thanks ons! This Bishop's Cap cactus is 7 years old and normally blooms once a year. The Peanut Cactus is also 7 years old and they've been near each other all these years. Last year the Bishop's Cap bloom bud was blown away by an unusually strong windstorm and I like to think the Peanut Cactus was just as proud of this years bud as much as the Bishop's Cap was.

    Very encouraging words about my landscape photos. Thanks for the kindness. ;~}