Arizona Landscape

Marilyn Lives On An Abandoned Building Wall...


  1. Pretty nice graffiti LOL... though I wonder if the plants growing below MM were taken into account (I bet they were but who knows?), and I wonder about her sleeves a little...and why she's wearing the same "tie" (except for a couple details) that I wore as a Cub Scout.

    Very nice graffiti you got out there, JR! Much better (or at least more interesting) than the same-looking things we see here on bridges and passing train cars.

  2. Well here's a story for you. This is actually "urban art" of the kind we have all over this valley, especially central Phoenix. This is on the side wall of what was Titan Harley Davidson motorcycle dealership that died in this economic recession. The weeds are from neglect of a former institution in the city. There is a lot of this kind of art on businesses in the area ranging from music clubs, radiator shops, pawn shops, mini-storage units, you-name-it. I have a lot of it photographed and try to capture as much of it as I can because some of it is disappearing because the buildings are being abandoned during this economic era and torn down.

    We also have graffiti on freeway bridges and overpasses and some of it is good enough that it's art-like and the authorities have chosen to ignore it.