Word of the Day: tongue typo

You know what I mean...

tongue typo: What happens when you know perfectly well what you want to say but it comes out wrong.

It's a tongue typo when you trip over your words and accidentally call your friend Mike instead of by his actual name, Mark.

Urban Dictionary


  1. I have at least twice walked into work and countered the almost-too-upbeat "GOOOOOD Morning" a co-worker named Mark gives with a really quiet (because it's 6:30AM and I'm not a big talker at 6:30AM) "Morning, Mork".

    I thought I must've meant it, then denied it by saying that when my voice has been shut off for hours it picks up a slight twang...but "tongue typo" is a godsend.

    (The dilemma was all on my side from what I can tell; Mark or Mork or whatever the hell his name is, never seemed to notice. Just goes to show: some things can be over-thought.)

    Cool post, JR!

  2. Usually the "GOOOOOD Morning" folks are so absorbed in their happy happy day morning natural high I don't think they really notice when someone else says something offbeat. That's not a criticism, just an observation of having grown up with a parent who was a "morning person" songbird.