Our strengths and weaknesses...

There were so many of us because the young people, fresh out of the experience of WWII, started having children right away, creating the baby "boom." Since during the Great Depression of the nineteen-thirties and WWII the birth rate was low, there wasn't the infrastructure in the US or the UK to accommodate a large influx of children with the same needs. As a result, on both sides of the Atlantic, systems we're built and we had the advantage of the newest and most modern eduction, health services, food and nutrition and thanks to Dr. Spock (depending on your point of view) the most current ideas of parenting.

Everything was constructed around us, therefore we were unintentionally spoiled that way. We were told we were special and that we could do or be anything that we wanted if we tried hard enough, although that was an ideal to strive for and not the truth for everyone. These factors are the elements that are both our strengths and weaknesses. Both genders were empowered to endeavor for higher education or a better career if we wanted and as a result we made great scientific and technical advances along with social progress. We also have an over-developed sense of identity, self-worth and feel a sense of entitlement. Overall the good outweighs the bad but we should be mindful that our dominance in numbers shouldn't crowd out those older and younger than us.

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