Take the time to figure out how to do something well first...

Then when the task is repeated, speed and quantity naturally follow.

We live and work in a world where our competition, no matter who they are, is nipping at our feet and time is of the essence. There is never enough time and and someone always wants to horn in and tell us how to do our job, operate our business and worse, run our lives. This creates a sense if panic urgency where we can make the mistake of jumping and doing things without thinking of the whole process. We do the immediate chunks that need to be done without thought to the flow upstream or downstream.

There are quality experts in business and "how to" instructions everywhere for how to do this in operating a business. Quality is not a new concept, many of us went through the best decades of corporate training on quality, only to watch front line managers revert back to lizard brain thinking of what-is-in-front-of them-at-that-moment, the second they could. If you operate your own business, small or sole proprietor, take the time to find the resources on quality, learn and use them. The information is out there.

My belief is that the same principles that were developed for high quality production in the business world can and should be adapted to our personal lives not just in the things we routinely do but in making choices on what direction to take. With quality we can reason out our thoughts and opinions so we have a clear understanding of what choices to make so we take the best path for us. It also means doing seemingly mundane tasks in a well thought out plan so they become routines that are not grinding chores.

Through taking the quality route in even seemingly small details of our lives on a regular basis in our day to day decision making, it becomes habit and an integral part of our analytical and evaluation in everything we do, large and small. Through this integration our lives become easier and less stressful since most things we do will go smoothly and well. We accomplish tasks more quickly and our decision making is speedier and confidant. We are able to formulate new ideas and have conviction in our opinions on weightier topics. It takes time and work before it becomes habit but as we assimilate the quality process into everything we do we discover our daily lives become simpler and less stressful.

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