FWIW: FT.com Headline "US stocks post best September since 1939"

Uh, didn't WWII start in September 1939?...

'Short sales raise flags'

As well short sales should, not to mention low trading volumes and price-to-earnings ratios. I'm not clairvoyant nor superstitious and am not saying that a world war or market crash is imminent, but it seems obvious to me that the stock market is way overpriced and not proportionate within itself or with other key leading economic indicators. The philosophical conflict between negative and positive views of economic markets, the bulls and the bears, is creating the perfect storm for some Wall Street style cage-fighting.

Financial markets are like everything else, they may have short term imbalances with some doing better than others, but generally they must be in relative balance to each other for a healthy economy. The price of gold skyrocketing is countering the equities stock market and indicative of huge imbalances in other economic markets. Where all of this goes, no one really knows, in spite of what the so-called expert economist and market theorists say. As usual, time will tell.

"I'm just sayin'"

"US stocks post best September since 1939"
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