We Bought It

Therefore we own it...

and if not paid off, still also owe it

It strikes me as indicative of how the American character has changed the last 30 years or so when after the attacks of 09-11-01, we listened to "Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning" for a few weeks, then carried on with our daily lives as President George W. Bush urged. There was very little reflection on the monumental historical event that had just happened. Contrary to popular belief, Bush did not tell us to "go shopping," as has been mythically repeated.

We did that all on our own.

...and wow, we sure went on a binge of a shopping spree.

Even if he did say it, when did we become such followers as to do exactly what our leaders say without thinking or questioning? That's antithetical to American thinking. No, we own our buyer's remorse, our leaders don't.

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