Music Break: Count Five

Psychotic Reaction...




  1. Tried to comment on this last night and managed to make it all disappear just as I was finishing. Sometimes I think making comments go away is what I do best.

    Anyway: thank you for putting this up!

    I've been a fan of '60s "garage rock" stuff for a long time. I assume it's in my blood; my dad used to write songs for a local band back when he was in high school; if you ever hear a song called, "Fort Lauderdale", you might be able to say you've heard his work. It's supposedly on record somewhere and I am on the lookout for it. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea if I nailed down the name of the band, but such things sometimes escape me. :)

    Anyway, I love this song, like I love "96 Tears" or "Dirty Water" or a whole bunch of "Nuggets"-type songs I can't remember the names of but would flip out at hearing again.

    I'm not sure why...it's not because they're simple songs; I once heard someone say that Frank Zappa was always bugged that he couldn't write "Louie, Louie" and I think whether that's true or not there is some logic to it.

    I think I love them mostly because they're the result of people getting together and creating something THEY thought was cool as hell.

    This music, to me, seems to be the exact opposite of carting 6-year-olds around 3 states to play a soccer game for which no score is kept.

    I'm sure there are other reasons I love them, but that one alone would be enough.

    I could type all night but I better try to post this before I work my disappearing act again.

    Great music break, JR!

  2. Here's some trivia for you Mike...Psychotic Reaction was the first known song to use guitar feedback on a Top 40 song. Count Five barely gets recognition for it.

    I almost put up "96 Tears" but couldn't find a good video I liked. More trivia...they were Mexican Americans (from Detroit no less, where Mexicans had migrated for factory jobs in the 50s) and had a hard time with music promoters and radio program managers. They didn't want to put them on TV.

    You'll be able to tell in the next few music breaks...what I really miss is good vocals and harmonizing voices with very simple instrumentation.