Urban Landscape Photography

Refugees from endless summer 
of the urban desert...


  1. I'd never have imagined that mallards hang out in Arizona...which only means I'm learning things.

    I learned yesterday that my godfather's cousin (who lives in Alaska)has to mow his lawn daily during rainy midnight-sun seasons.

    Thank you for showing the lizard; at least there's a LITTLE bit of what I would expect happening in the world. What's going on might surprise me, but that's cool. As long as it's happening, things are good. :)

    With that, I am headed to the music!

  2. They're canal mallards and have been around since my aunt and father were kids. I don't know how they got here, transplants like everything elese I suppose. These are on an artificial lake in a park on the old Indian School property near the Grand Canal, the granddaddy of canals.

    The lizard is one of a pair that live in my balcony garden. In the summer they only come out at night and relax on the stucco wall. In the winter they come out during the day and change color really quickly as they move from spot to spot.