IMHO: Obama at CNBC Townhall: A Non-Response

He didn't answer the question...

Obama's response to the woman who challenged and questioned him by stating she "was exhausted" by him and wanted to know "is this my new reality?" was not an answer, much less even a response. It was at best a comeback, that in itself was exhausting and in reality didn't answer the question.



  1. I LOVE your blog, sir, because you say things that make me think and that I remember...such as early in this video when our president "assured" the woman that her children would get access to higher-education loans..."usury" and "slavery" immediately came to mind.

    I love how he pretended not to be reading his answers, and especially liked how he "forgot" that the woman had children, then tied them into his own childrens' futures, as if they are likely to be similar.

    At some point, the lady said "keep going"... I hope Obama keeps going, keeps doing everything he can to assure us he's right. I hope he (and Pelosi and Reid and Frank and the rest of them) never let up on their message.

    But mostly, I hope America gets back to its imperfect but hopeful self, and I hope it gets better because of obvious real needs, rather than acquiescing to the desires and one-syllable totems of a bunch of criminals.

  2. I was rather appalled that he brought up his two children going to college, in a lame attempt to "relate' to the common folk...as if his daughters aren't already assured of entrance into some feminist Ivy League college with the way paved and paid for them.

    I too hope America gets back to its imperfect self but I think it's going to require some soul searching by a lot of individual Americans and their sense of entitlement. I don't just mean that in the sense of entitlements from government, etc but their sense of "we deserve it just because" without any sense of hard work or ethics.

    In the long run...I still believe.