Quote of the Day: Obama

It's like deja vu all over again...

If we're willing to choose hope over fear, to choose the future over the past, to come together once more around the great project of national renewal, then we will restore our economy, rebuild our middle class and reclaim the dream for the next generation.

President Barack Obama
Campaign Speech 09/09/10
Parma, Ohio


  1. This from the same man who within hours of saying this (either before or after but very close) contacted Terry Jones and basically told him that if Jones burned the Koran, the Muslim world would rock America's world.

    I can think of a lot of reasons to not burn books, but capitulation and acquiescence are two that don't spring to mind. I don't like shakedowns from menacing foreign would-be invaders. And I sure a hell don't like the President of my country running a protection racket.

    About his quote: "we" is in it twice, and implied all the way through it, in the sense that "we" fucked everything up because "we" are enamored of the past and just don't have the brains to figure anything out for ourselves.

    Well, you know what? -and this is just one example; you could spend a lifetime thinking of all of them- WE didn't give people thousands of dollars to trade in functional automobiles, then pour stuff into the engines of said cars so that they'd never run again. THEY did that. A LOT of us told them not to do that just like a LOT of us told them to guard the borders and end the wars and a whole lot of other stuff. But then "we" weren't smart enough to see the big picture. THEY knew better, they were sure of it. They didn't know what they were fixing, but they knew it was the thing to do and they knew how much it would cost. It'd be a fascinating study on group insanity if you read about it instead of having to endure it.

    I should've just typed "I get your point". I suspect that right now THEY are scanning this, trying to deduce it to it's essence, and finishing up a carbon-credit bill for me, based on the extra keystrokes for extraneous words...and to think I sometimes sit here and read this back to myself out loud. Carbon Dioxide! I can't begin to guess the extent to which THEY will consider me a carbon abuser after this.

    (I was trying to be funny, but you can never be sure enough to laugh with these people.)

    Anyway, again, you sure made me think, JR! Thanks for posting this!

  2. It would be almost laughable that Obama is going out with the same stump pitch, almost word for word, if we weren't in such dire straits economically, politically and more divisive than during the Nixon era (which I thought I'd never see it that bad again) and if I didn't believe that he honestly doesn't give a damn. I think he just shows up at the office every day, plays golf and goes home to Michelle and kids with no idea of the magnitude of what he's supposed to be responsible for.