Music Break: Don McLean

American Pie...


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  1. I remember the day when I was 5 when my father brought this album home...my only real memory of that day was the American-Flag thumb in the cover. I thought that was very cool.

    My parents played that record a LOT, but my next distinct memory is being at a friend's house not long afterward and hearing that song on the radio and somehow just "getting it". I didn't know half of what McLean was talking about; I'm sure I had no way of knowing most of the allegory... but the man out there on the levee and the good old boys staring into their whiskey-and-ryes: somehow I understood what it was about.

    Even before that I loved the music. I think the music must've been my way into the meaning.

    I don't know...I just know that when I hear a song like "5 O'Clock World" it just seems forever ago old to me, and "American Pie" sounds like new. Music is a weird thing.

    Thanks for putting this up, JR. It's a great song that I've always loved. Even if I didn't I'd have to respect McLain for being able to sing it for 8-plus minutes. That cannot be easy.