Music Break: Johnny Cash

Get Rhythm (Tex Ritter's Ranch Party 
Live 1956)...



  1. Love this one...I could type all night about stuff but I'll leave it at this: that right there is a true American garage band.

    ...And of course I don't shut up that easy...but this time the video and the music tell the story, or reinforce it if it's been heard before...

    Thanks for posting this, JR. Thanks to both JR's, in fact. And to Marshall who knocks it out, and Luther, who sure does play it strange. :)

  2. It's kind of amazing to think that this was considered kind of daring back in the 50s since it was country with a touch of "race music." Only the monumental JR could get away with that.

    I know there have to be good original garage type bands out there but we don't hear them. Odd that the break away from record labels, contracts, etc and a whole new way of distributing music through new technology also keeps a lot of stuff from getting wide spread and "mainstream."

    I think that made sense anyway.