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Curs of Arizona: Politicians...

Dogs always bark louder behind a chain link fence.

The Political Class in Arizona has not served the citizens of the state well in recent years and there are several stand outs at not serving citizens but rather doing great disservice. The election in 2008, due to a combination of term limits, "Clean Elections" along with voters desire for change (they got it) created a bad brew, with the hangover of a Governor who inherited the job and not elected to the position.

The result was during an economic crisis of epic proportions, that created the worst state budget crisis in the US, our Governor and state Legislature did not even come close to rising above but instead lived down to the lowest expectations. Compounded with a US Congressional Delegation that displayed nothing less than contempt for the voters that elected them, a bad storm started brewing. It began with the budget crisis, extending on to Health Care Reform and Town Hall debacles, a disastrous Presidential run by one of our Senators ending ignominiously with the electioneering season and a contentious piece de resistance legislation.

The 49th Arizona State Legislature in the second sesssion decided to cap everything off by passing SB1070 to address a critical, long-standing problem in the state, illegal immigration and border crossing, a reactionary law signed by the Governor who wants to be elected. The Arizona Immigration Bill does little to realistically address the complicated issue and has done a lot of damage to the State and will for a long time. The intent of the bill, to stop criminal activity coming through the gaping hole Arizona border (that the federal government has left the state to it's own devices) contains US Constitutional and liberty dilemmas. It is the States' Right to address the situation but it shouldn't have been done creating a can of worms to be dealt with.

These characters proved to be the epitome of bad, the meaning of "bad" in it's original context of awful and not in anyway cool.

1. Arizona State Senator Russell K. Pierce (Republican, District 18): The Mesa legislator sponsored SB1070 and managed to get it passed by appealing to the basest of people's fear. 'nuff said.

2. Mayor Phil Gordon: (Democrat, Mayor of Phoenix): Obliviously didn't deal with the cities budget catastrophe, then called for a sales tax increase and has now paraded with opportunist Al Sharpton protesting SB1070.

3. US Senator John McCain (Republican, US Senator): Well...let's just say McCain has never met a side of any issue that he couldn't like depending on who he is talking to. He flip flopped so quickly on SB1070 it was awesome (also in the original and not cool context). Then there's that 2008 Presidential campaign...

4. US Representative Raul Grijalva: (Democrat, 7th District): Advocates "punishing Arizona," the very state that elected him and he supposedly represents, by calling for a national boycott. The insanity of an elected official calling for economic damage, cutting your nose off to spite your face, is absurd.

5. US Representative Ann Kirkpatrick (Democrat, 1st District): Walked out of her own Town Hall meetings on Health Care Reform because she was being asked questions by her constituency, who largely was (and is) against it. She has remained silent on SB1070.

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