Through A Glass Darkly

"For Now We See In A Mirror Dimly...

but then face to face; now I know in part, but then I shall know fully just as I also have been fully known."
(I Corinthians 13:12)

Understanding this piece of Scripture, whether you're a pure Christian Believer or choose to acknowledge basic premise truths in life, is a powerful understanding. We have an obscured view of life and selves and regardless of personally held belief systems, being aware that we do allows a better perspective on how things are and the control we do and don't have over circumstances. How also we can make the best of them and not allow kismet to overcome us.

"On Reflection" by JR Snyder Jr 2010

For me the Personal Key in Life is intrinsic in me and my belief is it's rooted in my Christian background and the fundamental basic truths originally intended in the New and Old Testaments. They provided the foundation for the broader understanding of how to interpret and cope with the world. I am not so arrogant and audacious to believe that access to understanding, enlightenment and spiritual awareness is limited to one religion or spiritual path. This has given me much trouble over the decades with fellow Christian Believers...so be it.

My Key is about rising above, looking up and thinking positively and faith in a Higher Power. We can always look around and find someone better off and someone worse off than we are. We are bound to feel downhearted at times, it is how we turn it around that matters. It takes work.

Our vision is veiled but we see enough outline to tell what is good and right and where and how to proceed. On occasion we get rare visions of beautiful clarity, however mostly it's operating on instinct. Experience is the greatest teacher and to not learn from it is folly. Once you go near the fire, you don't go back to get burned again. Negativity spirals down a dark pit. Thinking positive and heading to light attracts others looking for light, not darkness...support always helps. To that end, take from Jesus, "Let your light shine before men in such a way they may see..." (Matthew 5:16).

If you're secular and believe nothing spiritual, I won't argue with you over that, it's your choice and everyman has free will. On the other hand I won't argue with you if you draw your Higher Power from a supernatural being or a belief that is different from mine, my only judgment is I must perceive that it comes from light.

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