Sunset Point Scenic View

Black Canyon Highway (I-17) Exit 252 Sunset Point Scenic View 

Sunset Point is a popular overlook from the rest area on the Black Canyon Highway (Interstate 17) located at exit 252 just north of Bumble Bee and south of Badger Springs Road. It sits on a mesa ("tabletop mountain") and the rest area is on the western edge of the mesa. You can stand with your back less than one-half mile from interstate traffic and overlook a beautiful vista known for it's scenic sunsets, hence the name. A traveler passing through Arizona, unable to take the time to visit the beautiful geography of the state, for a few moments at least, can intake some of the state's charm. If they arrive at the right time, they can see a beautiful sunset fall below the mountains into Bumble Bee and Crown King.

Enjoy a short video of the mesa on the east side of the Black Canyon Highway and the vista from the overlook on the west side of the Interstate.

Arizona Sunset Point Scenic View on the Black Canyon Highway from JR Snyder Jr on Vimeo.



  1. Awesome place to visit! Some pretty rough country.

  2. Most of my stuff is about traveling and visiting places in Arizona. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!