An opening light travels through...

For awhile now it has seemed it was time for me to breakaway and undertake a passage from one frame of mind to another. Just in time the opportunity has come where I am free of commitments for a short while. I'm heeding the call to clear my head and take a break from the routine I've settled too comfortably into. It is a temporary respite but one of a decent duration and I'm seizing the moment to follow the light.

For a little while I'm going to turn away from the internet and the social web, go soak my feet in the Pacific Ocean, drive up to the high desert and hike, sit by one of the few free flowing rivers in the West or whatever captures my attention. Take time to visit and chat with people I haven't engaged in face to face conversation for a spell and listen to what others are thinking. Call it escapism, rejuvenation, shedding skin, going back to basics, take your pick. If I feel like it I'll upload some visual art, write a blog post or verse and if I don't, well I won't. Nothing is permanent, everything changes, life is as amazing as we make it and I want to put some awe back into my consciousness.

I'm attached to this website therefore I would never be foolish enough to call it quits but I am taking a hiatus until...well, I'm not exactly sure but I suspect it won't be very long so "Watch This Space." Usually these transitional periods in my life put more ideas in my head that I'm compelled to express.

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