Watching Them Watching Me

Copper chopper hovering rail, utilities photography...


  1. I say this all the time to seemingly excuse my inattention, but I say it again: I am, in ways completely different than Big Sis, watching and approving of your work on here. And I say just about nothing, not because of any reason I can even put a finger on. I don't think it's fear; I don't know what it is if it ISN'T fear, though. Something just makes me lately want to shut up and not drag other people anywhere near my life, or impose upon theirs. I'm sure I'll get over it and have better (?) LOL things to say at some point, but right now it's as if I wake up every single day and however annoying or weird my dreams may have been, they're preferable to the waking hours. And the weird thing (to me, anyway) is nothing is materially or noticeably much different. But something surely is, at least in my own head. And as much as I wish it was just my imagination, I don't think it is. After all, it's not like everything I love, all the good things in my life, has changed; wouldn't paranoia and psychosis make the good change with the bad?

    (This is why I don't comment as of late LOL...)

    Great pic, sir. With that, I am shutting up.

    1. Not to worry Mike I feel much the same as of late commenting little online or offline, in public especially and much less so in private (a surprise to most people I know).

      I prefer to make my statements through my work on here and I think they say enough. It is also why I write little these days albeit I am slowly but surely working on an actual blog piece. In a sense it explains the silence.

      Sometimes I think it is a fear that I'll tilt this world a little crazier than it already is as if I had that power. Actually it is more that the larger global and national events are so tilt-a-whirl nonsensical crazy to me now that I feel as if I have to stay as personally balanced and grounded as possible.

      Sleep should be respite but often it is not and the waking hours as you say are not always preferable. So I move along one foot in front of the other following my own advice to others with the belief I will again arrive at a place where there is a little more color, joy, happiness, hope, whatever you want to call it or may be looking for. It has always worked in the past and I have no reason to think that it will not again.

      Thanks for when you do comment though. I look for your posts and go through periods when I don't comment either but know that I do watch for and see them. I'm pretty certain there are others in the same mode you are, people I've known a long time, visiting my little corner of the web and not commenting either. They may write nothing but I still feel them here...