Traversing through the tempest...

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  1. This is an awesome picture, JR. Really, truly awesome.

    I'd have thought it was cool no matter what, but it drove me to wonder about it and look at the tags. And in the tags, I saw "haboob". I had no idea what that word meant, so I figured I'd find out.

    It's been an extremely interesting last twenty minutes or so, to say the least. Add haboobs to the list of things that seem both cool and terrifying to me. (It was a pretty long list anyway, so it's cool.)

    As with the bear markings, I think I'm quite happy for the second-hand haboob experience...and yet...and yet...in either case there'd surely be stories to last forever. Assuming the "memories" are survived, of course.

    None of this makes much sense, but it still feels like exactly what I'd have to say. I'm going with it. :)

    Again, sir: GREAT pic!