Trees and Sky

Reflective view from upstairs window...

A month ago several events coincided in my life that as the dust settles the wisdom that has been learned can be better shared. Matters of life and death, sickness and health, past and present can cause permanent changes in personal views of living and being in the present. Although the events that lead to an altered perspective of being may seem negative, the metamorphosis if taken in perspective can be positive and bring optimism and restoration.

On reflection if permitted, the larger picture of life can become less complex and simpler to comprehend. Life is like art, therefore the art of life and creation of art does not always have to be complex to be beautiful.


  1. I was sitting in the woods a long way from here this morning thinking about, as far as I can tell, a lot of what you've written here.

    I had a discussion with a co-worker the other day; actually it wasn't so much a discussion as it was his friendly insistence that there is no perfection in the world, going against my insistence that there certainly is perfection. It wasn't an argument by any stretch of the imagination; just something to talk and think about while we worked...except that I kept thinking about it afterward, because I wasn't sure WHY I felt I was right and he was wrong. And actually, it's not that I thought he was wrong...and surely it's not that I know better.

    I think perfection, like almost everything else, is a personal thing, a matter of perception and appreciation and acceptance. I also think it's simple, though I hadn't thought that until you mentioned it in this post.

    I think perfection shows itself in any situation which can't be changed for the better...anything you literally cannot improve upon. Perfection is Brian Wilson's voice on "Don't Worry Baby". Or a snapshot, seemingly irrelevant, which importance shows itself later...though it may be obvious at the moment; personally, July 24-25, 2008, was perfect as it happened. It hasn't wavered.

    I guess perfection is just moments we'd never trade, even if they're bad ones. Sometimes pain is exactly right. My mind wishes it wasn't but my heart knows better; without pain, joy would be meaningless.

    I may be totally full of crap, sir, but either way your post is awesome and has me thinking even more than I was before. Thank you.

  2. ...and yes: the picture is perfect. Who knew Arizona could look chilly in July? :)

  3. ...and for us it has been for Arizona at least a relatively cool summer, especially compared to the scorchers of the past few years. Interesting the rest of the country has had a heat wave.

    So much of what you write in your earlier comments ring true I don't think I need to add much. It struck quite a chord with me anyhow.

    The bottom line of this summer is that there have been multiple crisis occur simultaneously which all but one on their own could be readily handled. The combination of them along with observing and care taking a sibling in the process of dying is a bit much on the mind, soul and body.

    I do believe though that you're quite right, although in a technical nature I suppose a sister dying much too young is not an ideal situation but it is perfect for her life story. Most people do not understand that but we're pragmatic and practical in these things. This event has changed me permanently in a way that I wouldn't trade for anything else as gut-wrenching as it is and is making me a much better person. I hope that in the long term it will also provide me the "skills" as it were to guide someone else along a similar difficult journey at some point in the future. That's as optimistic as I can think about it right now.