Bus Stop

Welcome to the New Economy...


  1. The lighting in this one looks...post-apocalyptic, maybe, or maybe just-about-concurrent-apocalyptic would describe it better. then again maybe they're both wrong, because I love life and the light just looks cool to me.

    I like the arrows. It reminds me of riding in the car when I was a little kid, asking Dad or whoever was driving how we could get to such-and-such a place by going straight ahead when the arrows on the signs said we had to go up.

    I could read really early, but the arrows? Baffled me. :)

    Really cool picture, JR!

  2. This was one of those photos that I shot out of my Jeep window while waiting at a stop light and I was surprised when I saw how it came out. The light is very early morning and if you look close the dot above the phone is the moon disappearing into the day. I thought the arrows were cool because it makes the directions to the entrance of the sight confusing.

    Thanks for noticing the details Mike and for stopping by and commenting!