Some Days

You just feel tired...

Revival depends on you since your survival depends on it.

Yesterday was one of those rare Mondays that recalled The Boomtown Rats song "I Don't Like Mondays." It started with a few little missteps at five in the morning, followed by arriving at work to find no one and nothing prepared and ended in feeling a little worn from the humdrum.

You could say by day's end I was feeling more than a little uninspired. In those situations the best thing to do is keep in mind that a new day begins only one nighttime away. One of my methods to end the day on a good note is to kick the poetic tires and dig through my catalog of photographs to find what seems mundane and make something fresh out of them. Doing so gives a sense of appreciation for the ordinary and the challenge of making it more interesting recharges more than my creative energy. It reboots my soul and keeps at bay the sense of losing a day.

So today, this day, is another day to take and make the most of and double up for one that didn't go so well. Each day is to be embraced and won, not to be wasted on "would have, should have, could have." The previous evenings energizing pursuits prepare the next day to be without remnants of wear and tear from the prior one. There is only mediocrity in life if you choose to view it that way rather than turning it into something more interesting.


  1. Bravo,bravo, bravo. What clear thinking and what a journey to reach this state of mind!

  2. Thank susie q...it has been quite a journey and required persistence to recognize that no day is to be wasted. Appreciate your commenting.