Home On The Range

Occupied by Desert Rats...

Desert rat is a term used regionally in the vernacular for someone who lives in the desert. Sometimes they live marginally but quite happily. This place is in the middle of southeastern Arizona and is occupied. There are a few other mobile homes close to it that are in a little better shape so I assume this is the oldest one in the small remote group.

There are a wide variety of desert rats and many have nicer digs and are self-sufficient with electric power, water and connection to the outside world via satellite dish. Remote desert areas may seem sparse but if you scratch the surface you will find all kinds of interesting and creative people who embody the spirit of the desert. Deserts are places where the hardy, both natural and human, create maximum use of the minimum of resources.

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  1. There's so much difference in the topography, but I would bet that the Desert Rats have a lot in common with some of the hard-core Adirondackers I know. Lots of self-reliance, pride in staying alive in a tough place, and a strong sense of humor would be three things I'd imagine they have in common.

    I have a friend who is in his 80s who lives in the mountains, off the grid, year-round. Lugging water and running generators to recharge batteries are things he lives with on a daily basis...he's one of the funniest and most interesting and knowledgeable and wisest people I know. He planted a redwood tree several years ago. He says it's for "the next guy".

    Long live the Desert Rats, wherever they find themselves!

    Great post, JR.