So that's where I left my car...


  1. This is a very cool picture, and not just because it taught me something I'd never have guessed: that there are places in the USA where it's possible for a car to rust from the top down. That doesn't happen much around here LOL.

    Excellent pic, JR!

  2. Haha! We don't worry about rust on cars in the desert southwest too much. The old saw is "never buy a used car from Back East."

    To bring the political into a nonpolitical photograph. Obama's "Cash for Clunkers" changed the roadways of the West dramatically. A lot of people like me drove cars and trucks for 10-15 years because they last a lot longer here. (I still have my 6 year old Jeep Wrangler and as far as I'm concerned it will last the 16 years my previous truck did.) Now the roads are full of new cars and trucks and to me, they all look the same now. Their is hardly any variety except for the smart souls who hung onto their cars.

  3. That's a nice shot. And gives me a strong sense of wanting to be in the desert again. Sigh been way - way too long.

  4. Especially Dave since you are probably already sensing the beginnings of deep winter in far north. There is something interesting in both extreme climates.