Down The Road

Postcard from the present...


  1. This is awesome. The clouds, the rocks, all the close traffic headed downhill...and that tree (or bush) in the foreground, witnessing it all.

    I can almost imagine a description written across the bottom of this in that famous reverse-negative handwriting old postcards around here always seem to have...it always looked like the same handwriting; I wonder if that guy's great-grandson is the guy who does all the graffiti. :)

    (Plus, it's Prescott, Arizona...you know, the home of Bob Dylan. Just ask CBS records about 50 years ago. :D )

    Great pic, JR!

  2. I love the sepia tone in this photo, the wide open space of sky engorged with clouds, the framing of the sky on either side with hill and tree and the cars heading down the highway to some new adventure. It is a picture out of time. It could be any time really. Well done. My good friend rebecca lives in Prescott. I have family in the southwest, Santa Fe. the terrain is familiar.