Motivation Comes From Within

Our inner clock keeps us ticking...

At times it can be difficult to keep ourselves energized and remain galvanized to keep going forward. We can seek help from other sources, ranging from a professional such as a counselor, physical trainer or spiritual advisor. It may be someone older and wiser that knows you well. The key is to gain and master tools that work for us individually to apply when we need them the most. To unlatch solutions ultimately we ourselves must perpetuate our own motion by taking what we learn from advisors and internalizing it to mobilize ourselves.

It can be very dark at 2 AM when we wake up with consternation about life and the thought of mobilizing ourselves to solve problems may seem impossible. Fear is the enemy and must be treated as such. The black must be filled with light to overcome that feeling and it can only be done within ourselves at that moment. How we do that depends on what we have learned from others we have sought out and make the effort to implement the tools we've consciously developed for coping on our own. The deepest hour of night is the time to recall what has worked for you. That is the juncture to implement what you have learned about relaxation techniques, hypnosis, Transcendental Meditation, speaking to your inner self and whatever higher power you turn to. Any tool that suits you will suffice but you must have taken the time and effort to learn them beforehand.

It helps to remind ourselves when we feel lackluster that it is natural in life for our moods to change direction. We are not meant to feel good or be flat all the time or we would have no gauge to measure where we are emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. There will be periods we feel uninspired and recalling that they will pass is crucial to recognizing that as surely as the occasion of feeling colorless came upon us, it will just as quickly turn to a colorful flash of inspiration in it's own natural time. We don't need a pill to invoke it but our own inner forces to muster up positive thinking to recollect that it is normal and keep moving forward.

No one who has any sense will say this is always easy. It can take effort but that creates its own rewards.  If ahead of time we have put energy into seeking ways to rise above when we are in a natural lull of life, it follows that we stand a much greater chance of preventing it from trapping us into a mode longer than it need be. As we implement and practice the devices we have gathered in our tool box of skills, we become stronger and able to resolve most downturns on our own. The ultimate reward is when others seek us for guidance and we are able to supply them with ideas by sharing what has worked for us.


  1. Lately I've been sleeping very little...I like sleeping and so it was pretty annoying until I realized that what has been happening isn't just tossing and turning for no reason.

    It's like you say; it's things coalescing and gathering in whatever way they have to, to make themselves known. And I think you're right that previous preparation led to them, but I can't prove it.

    Songs and business ideas and quotes and lots of other things come into my mind at night lately. This isn't uncommon; I'm always thinking of something, however worthy...and I don't mean these new thoughts are any better than the rest but they hit me differently. They seem friendly and hopeful.

    The sleep is in short supply, but for some reason it's OK.

    For once, time spent wanting to sleep doesn't seem completely fruitless when sleep doesn't show itself.

    I don't know if this says anything related to your blog but I spew it anyway.

    Thanks, JR.

  2. What you're describing is sort of the opposite of what I'm referring to, which a friend calls the "night terrors." More like "night revelations."

    Your describing more like what happens to me when I'm having a lot of good ideas and I end up losing sleep because I know if I don't record the, make notes, actually write the blog, edit the video, make a list, etc. it will disappear with the night.

    Good comment! Thanks for adding another dimension. Go with your flow and start getting the ideas on record, even if it's slips of paper to come back to when you can do something about it (like in daylight!).