Arizona Landscape

It's All Over Now Baby Bell...

Mountain Bell > US WEST Communications > Qwest > CenturyLink


  1. Just three random thoughts...

    First: cool Dylan reference! Maybe that should be third or second but whatever.

    Second: I think it says volumes that CenturyLink felt this announcement worthy of a big graphic billboard yet still felt the need to write its intentions in plain English, just below the big graphics.

    Third: one or two more changes of names and almost NO ONE will know what the company does...assuming almost anyone knows now...two more generations and the name will be something like CONFIGUS...unless that's taken.

    Great pic, JR!

  2. ...and I was 16 years old when I started at Mountain Bell as the kid in the warehouse. At 18 I was one of the first male operators in the Bell System and lasted (not as an operator! lol) all the way through Qwest until the tech/telecom crash in 2000.

    CenturyLink acquiring Qwest is actually a good thing I think. Qwest's acquisition of US WEST was a hostile takeover and the CEO who engineered it is now in federal prison. CenturyLink was Century Telephone and has been around a very long time with low key very un-flashy people running it.