Music Break: Lester Flatt

Foggy Mountain Breakdown...

Live TV Letterman 
with Gary Scruggs (harmonica), Randy Scruggs, Vince Gill, Albert Lee (guitar), Marty Stuart (mandolin) Glen Duncan (fiddle), Jerry Douglas (dobro) Paul Shaffer (piano) and Steve Martin (banjo)


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  1. This might well be my favorite youtube video ever; I've watched one or another version of it many times over the last couple years. Just awesome music...it's the video that made me say of Vince Gill (who I never really liked much) "DAMN he can play that guitar!"

    The whole thing is great, and punctuated by the fact that Letterman thanks only the "stars" by name, as if Albert Lee and the other "unknowns" were just sidemen along for the ride. Then again, Dave didn't thank Paul Shaffer at all so maybe I expected too much. :)

    Seriously great music break, JR!