Arizona Landscape

Camelback Corridor at 24th St Biltmore Financial District...

Camelback Mountain in the distance


  1. Awesome skies...but what gets me is the mountain showing up in the city landscape, albeit at a distance.

    We don't have things like that here. I remember when I was a kid buying baseball cards it showed up once in a while when you got cards of players from the Dodgers or Angels...it was always cool to see some unknown mountain looming over Rod Carew or whomever, though. Thinking back, I think it was pretty prevalent in the 1981 Fleer set to have mountain scenes behind the players.

    Anyway, who cares? The important thing is that mountains near cities are very interesting...and a lot of those baseball pics were probably taken in Arizona (the distant, wondrous Cactus League)in spring training.

    Could I ramble more? Probably, but not tonight.

    Cool photos, JR! Thanks for posting them.

  2. One thing about western cities like Phoenix is you the vistas are still present, even if sometimes during winter visitor (snowbird) season the air gets somewhat filmy. Speaking of winter visitors, spring training is still a vital part of economy and a lot of baseball card photos are taken here during that time. Peak condition, great weather and all that. My doctors office happens to be right near the base of that mountain, I have one I took that day from his parking lot, I should publish that. It looks farther than it is, only about 3 miles from that intersection.