You Can Quote Me On That

Let the Federal Government shutdown...

Not only that, let's celebrate it, make it an extra long national holiday, a break from the political and bureaucratic classes who sharpen their wits with deal-making every day. "Oh NO!" you cry! "What about all the people who need their Social Security and Welfare checks?" "What about Medicare and Medicaid?"

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

I'm pretty confident that deep in the American soul there's enough people with a heart and ingenuity who will take care of people when they don't get the check. That is those who want help anyway. I'll bet it won't be bleeding heart liberals either but regular working people. The so-called progressives will be busy getting busted up by the people they've been "helping," who are angry the free ride isn't being conveniently direct deposited. There's a pretty good chance there are several million doctors and health providers who would love to be free of all the paperwork and provide health service at reasonable cost.

It's one way to sort out the wheat from the chaff.

Let's not talk about a week or two here but months, maybe even years. It will be a shakedown of what "vital services" really are and what the government should be involved in and facilitate solutions for. We would know after a period of time what institutional services really are important and needed versus those who are getting the gravy money and dispensable. For example the Coast Guard would qualify but I'm willing to bet that some of their agencies and people will be found as not necessary. My money is on that most students can be taught exceptionally well by competent teachers, let out of the corral and freed from administrators and unions, liberated to innovate without all the clutter of interference.

What about all the disruption it would cause?

Think of the disruption that's going to happen if we don't stop feeding the beast. The political class, bureaucrats and non-governmental organizations living off "grants" is trying to pirate away our money for a government that doesn't serve those of us paying for it very well. They're hijacking our government and we're the fools for voting them in. We need to get hold of the remote control again. Just as surely as the tech bubble, housing bubble and the stock bubble burst, so will the Big Government bubble burst. Now that will be real disruption.

The point is not entirely tongue in cheek. I seriously think we need to let the government stop, become immobile, cease and desist. Most of it anyway and I mean seriously paring it down to bare bones, not this phony baloney "shutdown" which is really government workers staying home and getting paid with all those accumulated personal days, vacation days, sick time. No, just S. T. O. P....Skid Tires On Pavement before smashing into the brick wall of no return. If bureaucrats, politicians and their staff don't have big savings accounts with their bloated paychecks, I don't feel sorry for them. They can help out at the food bank and get groceries.

What is really needed will still be carried out while we figure out what we need and can afford.

Truly vital communications, defense, electrical power, infrastructure and markets will still run without all the programs, grants, pencil and people pushers while we figure out what really is necessary that we can afford. We need to seriously look at our options now before it inevitably bursts all over us like an overcooked egg in a microwave.


  1. I read this last night and thought it was the greatest post ever. I still do, because it makes me think about so much and because I agree with all of it. I am at a loss to comment, only because I think you covered it all perfectly.

    The only thing I will add hit me about 3 minutes ago: why in the world are we tolerating a government that is taxing us to provide NON-vital services? Why would any sane person NOT want those parts of government to cease, and who in their right mind could possibly want them to return?


    When Howard Dean and his evil conspirators claim they sort of want this shutdown to happen, they are either liars or completely delusional, or both. In fact I am certain they are both, and I call their bluff. Shut the damned thing down indefinitely, and let those wonderful saviors of humanity like Dean and Reid and Pelosi and Obama blame the Tea Partiers all they want. Let them. Because that's when the feces will hit the fan. because that's when all the unions and "disadvantaged" system-workers will get really pissed off at them for, as you said, not direct-depositing the cash. The left plays dirty, and they make dirty deals, and mobs don't like to get taken.

    Like you say: Shut it down for awhile. I want to see if their true benefactors will find solace in their giant walls of bullshit after the dollars disappear. My gut says no.

    So I had stuff to say after all...it figures. Truly a great post, sir.

  2. To add to your very cogent comments, I find it interesting that the Corporate Business As Usual Republicans are eating antacids like crazy because the "Tea Partiers" are pushing them against the wall. They seriously thought they could co-op the tea party coalition people, get them to be just another constituency like social conservative, etc., take their money and carry on in the usual way.

    I wouldn't call myself a "tea party" person although I've been called that. I do know there are a LOT of them in Arizona and you can't be in a workplace, social gathering, public arena or anywhere really, without knowing or be around at least a handful of them. These are not always the most pleasant people because they have the trait of not backing down. In these matters, I say let them go for the jugular. I'm going to put my money on people who started the first Revolution in the US were very stubborn, direct and hard headed people.

    Still I think no matter how it happens, the Big Government bubble is going to burst and it's not going to be pretty. One way or another the immovable is going to meet the unstoppable. There is no orderly change during revolutionary times.

    Thanks for reading this, the compliment and comment!