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On difficult situations...

Almost every time I have ever had adversity and difficult circumstances to cope with, in the long term it has always turned out to not only be enriching but also an opportunity. Naturally at that moment, it doesn't seem like a fortuitous event, more often it feels like a crisis or conveys disaster. Sometimes it takes a long time for the positive to come to light and become evident but when it eventually does, then it seems obvious. It helps to remind myself of that when facing difficult situations.

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  1. I know what you mean about the worry and nervousness that accompanies huge changes, JR, and I also how the positive things have in the past taken a while to show up...lately, though, it feels like a gift to have a difficult situation, and that the time it takes to make itself known as a good thing seems to be shortening a lot.

    Maybe it's just me, but I when I look back at "crises" I see an awful lot of them when I didn't need to have worried at all. I'm not willing to say all of them yet, but I'm close.

    Just saying I think you are absolutely right, sir.

    Great post.