Arizona Landscape

Emergency Shut-Off Switch...


  1. Let's see: you've got a golden palace of sin, in a desert with few trees around. Already you've got me hooked. But it gets better, because there's the Emergency Shut-Off Switch, right there in your face...but if you can suspend disbelief a little bit you can see it being attached to an extended blue cross from which connections are made to...where?

    Somewhere-wherever artistic geniuses go when they die-Orson Welles is saying, "Send me there! Give me a couple hours and a few long shadows and send me THERE!"

    Awesome photo, JR...and I really did start this comment thinking I'd question the sense of publicly labeling any Emergency Shut-Off Switch. It seems like a recipe for trouble, but for all I know that's the plan.

    Welles can rest easy; your pic does the imagination justice. Thanks for posting it!

  2. Thanks for catching all the symbols in this. My eye catches the weirdest things...I was sitting at the gas station getting ready to leave and looked ahead and saw this picture straight in front of me. It was like a gift so I had to get out and take a photo!