Arizona Landscape

UH Oh, another reason to boycott Arizona...


  1. I can see it already...actually I can only imagine that green screen that says the preview is OK for all audiences...but I can almost hear that guy who does ALL the voice-overs in movie previews saying something like,"Arizona"...followed by all the dramatic music necessary...then, "a state, a sandwich board, four colors, and the future"...there'd be some jump cuts of actors and actresses I don't recognize (which won't be hard for almost any of them to put on their resumes) either lying in triage situations or yelling orders...then, after about twenty minutes of this, "HIGH ALERT" will appear on the screen at almost the exact time Voice-over Guy says the film's name. There will be a final message "Coming in Spring 2011." If anyone is like me, that will make them forget about the whole thing instantly.

    I only say this to show that life is stranger than sarcasm.

    Cool picture, JR.

  2. You created a better story out of it than I did. I'm not sure if you get a Pulitzer or Screenwriters Guild award for it. Bravo!

    Thanks for commenting, it made my day...really!