You Can Quote Me On That

In the future...

Actually starting right now.

To be known as having an enduring voice of goodwill, strong character and ethical values, will be worth much more in this decade, than fifteen minutes of fame ever was in the preceding ones.


  1. I wholeheartedly agree with you (and I will quote you when necessary).

    It's an interesting statement because it seems simple, but is not. It seems like the case of importance versus fad-ism, but by tossing the timing element in there you add degrees of value to the equation. It's a lot to ponder but I think you're right; I think in a personal sense that adhering to (and maybe even trying hard to adhere to) ethical standards and strong character will certainly stand out more in the near future than it ever has. Maybe it's just optimism on my part but I think it will be a very tough decade. I like to think a lot of us will look back and say we did our best and spoke our minds and acted our consciences, and that it mattered. I hope that's the case.

  2. I also think it will be a tough decade but as my British mother would say very "character building." We'll need people with ethical standards and good character to be around and keep those of us so inclined in the right spirit and make a difference that matters.

    I get the sense that over the miles, over the wires, over the years, we'll still connect on standards that matter. Thanks for such a great comment.